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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where am I?

Over and Underwhelmed...
Where Am I??

Now there is certainly something to be said for peace and quiet. I have been to Maine before love the coastal regions and the rugged beauty it has to offer is amazing. I recently started my summer healthcare job up there. After driving what seemed like hours I finally reached my destination. I honestly didn't think I could get anymore in the woods than I already had been the last couple of hours.
Arriving at 10pm is also not a great plan. Probably something more out of my nightmares. Finding an empty, dark cabin I am suppose to walk into. All i have to say is hell-no! I found myself some people to bring me to where I needed to go. 

Number one rule in the woods, wear you bug spray like perfume! It will keep you from getting nasty bites. 

Second dress warmly because Maine nights are nothing like being back home where I need a fan at night. I am no morning person and every morning I was waking up at 6am because I was freezing. 

Once everything was situated I could dive right in. The fresh air is great and it satisfies my need to be by the water. It always makes me wonder how people like living so far away from certain amenities. For me I don't mind it in small doses but it wouldn't be something I could do long term. 

Everyone should try something rustic once in a while and see how few things one actually needs. 
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On my list of to do while I am up in Maine is to see what Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park is all about. Keep you posted.

~Happy Travels!

Comment: Have you ever been to a place that was in the middle of no where and what did you think of it?

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