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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Welcome to Barcelona!

Sweating in the sweet summer sun that was Barcelona. We stepped off the plane and there we were in a whole new country. My first time completely over the Atlantic. I loved reading the spanish signs trying to see if my seven years of spanish did me any good, and I actually was pleasantly surprised to have remembered quite a few things. But so many things were new to me...
  • Everything and I mean everything is pretty much closed on Sundays and holidays (we were lucky enough to be there on both a Sunday and a holiday.
  • The euro has a lot of coins for whole dollars
  • Barcelona had quite an array of different nationalities in their city (which was great!)
  • Everyone is up late (I knew this but was strike by how many people were out in cafe's at 10pm on weeknight)

Our hotel was right next to Las Ramblas as seen in the picture above. I loved throwing open the shutters to see the people walking down below. Maybe it is because it seems in America the hotel windows never seem to be allowed to be open especially in the city. Maybe jet lag won't affect you but I was certainly feeling it. Many of my friends and I had a tough first afternoon after being up for almost 24 hours.

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